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Freeman Hex Pencil

$ 1.50
The pencil you didn't know you needed is back and better than ever after a seven year hiatus! Wow. They are awesome. Each premium pencil is made using aromatic, incense cedar in a hexagonal style (our favorite) and features an HB graphite core.  Custom foil stamped with "Freeman" on one side and "Seattle" on the other. Show your Seattle and/or Freeman love as you doodle, practice your shorthand, or write out your weekly calendar (preferably on an Arcady Goods Weekly notepad, sold here). Bundle deal: 5 pencils for $5.
  • Premium quality incense cedar pencil
  • HB Graphite core
  • Foil stamped lettering give vintage look
  • Made in Japan pencil, custom stamped for Freeman in California
  • Bundle deal: Five pencils for $5
single pencil
5 for $5 pencil bundle