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In a small apartment in the heart of Seattle, Scott and Brittany Freeman had repurposed their kitchen table into a sewing station as they grappled with the patterning and techniques for sewing their ideal rain jacket.  The year was 2010, and the resulting jacket would be the first to bear the Freeman name.  With the goal of building high-quality goods right here in the city that knows rain, this is how Freeman was born. From the beginning, we have focused on the marriage of fabrics that perform with aesthetics that never tire.   This ethic has pervaded the brand as we have expanded from our original Freeman rain jacket into other staples.  All the while, we are firmly rooted to our belief that making things in the USA is an important endeavor.  We are a brand made up of individuals who believe in and stand by our products. 

We believe in a high level of interaction with the products we manufacture.  In our eyes, the only way we saw how we could achieve this was to be intimately involved in every step from design, to fabric procurement to the production here in Seattle.  Even packing up a box is important to us.  We do all of this because we want you to know we are watching out for you and are employing every effort to ensure that the hard earned dollars you are spending are getting the most mileage.

This company started the old fashioned way:  Two people working full time jobs to help support a fledgling concept that we believed in.  When we didn't know how something was done the "right" way, we improvised.  When we needed money, we bootstrapped to make things happen and liquidated every dollar in our life savings.  This journey started with one jacket, with zero notion of margins or profitability, just the concept of doing something worth doing well.


As Freeman continued to grow, we realized a couple of things. First, we wanted to engage with our customers face-to-face, and second, we wanted to bring together a collection of high quality, made-in-USA brands that share our ethic and aesthetic.  At our brick-and-mortar store in Seattle's historic Loveless Building, we are excited to share with you not just our products, but those of friends and like-minded brands that we've met along the way. Everything in our store is made in the United States with a focus on the best possible quality. We are proud to work with and carry these USA made brands.

Above photos by Lauren Stelling.