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Wool Boot with Natural Rubber Sole - Forest

$ 155.00
Glerups have found their way into the Freeman product lineup simply because...we love them. When the cold weather creeps in, these gems have you covered. Your feet anyway. The all natural, 100% wool upper is warm but temperature regulating, naturally antimicrobial, and anti-odor. The ribber sole is sturdy and supportive and even up for quick jaunts out of the house. Slip your bare foot right in, worrying not about any scratchy wool itch. Designed in Denmark and made in Romania from wool sourced from New Zealand, makers from across the world committed to their craft came together to make this perfect slipper. Fits like a sock, looks like a shoe, these are perfection on a cold day. 
  • 100% felted wool blend (Merino and Gotland) upper
  • Natural rubber sole
  • Available in men's and women's sizing