• Refillable Notebook Cover
  • Refillable Notebook Cover
  • Refillable Notebook Cover

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Refillable Notebook Cover

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Do you love to carry around Field Notes notebooks like we do? Then you'll love these sturdy R&L Goods x Freeman notebook covers. Each one is sewn using off-cuts of Freeman's own 60/40 fabric and contains a Field Notes 48-page notebook. You'll also find a custom white Freeman pencil stored in its dedicated pencil slot. These notebook covers are made with care in Seattle exclusively for Freeman as part of our Loveless Collection, named after the historic building where you'll find our store.

  • Refillable notebook covers crafted from offcuts of Freeman's fabric.
  • Contains one Field Notes 48-page book notebook.
  • Comes with one white pencil stamped "Freeman" in green.
  • Handmade in Seattle exclusively for us.
  • 3.75" wide. 6.25" tall.