• Cabin Spray – Big Sur

Juniper Ridge

Cabin Spray – Big Sur

$ 35.00

Juniper Ridge creates hand-crafted fragrances that don't just evoke the outdoors – by harvesting plants from the wilderness of the western United States, they actually bring the backcountry right to you. The Big Sur Cabin Spray is naturally distilled from plants wild-harvested on the trails of Big Sur in Northern California. An olfactory snapshot that will take you away from the busy day and let you feel like life isn't so crazy. So whether you've been to Big Sur and want a little reminder of a beautiful memory, or if you just want to dream, this is a great place to start.

  • Scent notes: Salt air, foggy chaparral, burnt honey, camphor, Bay Laurel, Oak, driving down the coastal highway with the windows rolled down, sage-covered mountains tumbling into the ocean.
  • 2 oz.
  • Ingredients: Organic sugar cane alcohol and 100% natural fragrance from tree pitch, plant sap/juice, steam-distilled essential oils.
  • Because it's natural, the scent of Juniper Ridge Cabin Spray will never overstay its welcome.
  • Great for fabrics as the alcohol base is quick to evaporate leaving only fresh scents behind.
  • Made in USA.