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Forest Fix Deodorant

$ 18.00

Ursa Major's Forest Fix deodorant was perfected after years of testing and truly, the people cannot get enough. This deodorant deploys some of nature's handiest ingredients such as saccharomyces ferment (a probiotic enzyme with odor-absorbing properties,) kaolin (a moisture-absorbing soft clay,) and baking soda to deliver real results. The woodsy scent combines fir, sandalwood, and top notes of bright citrus to bring you a dose of the outdoors all day long. An all-natural deodorant that actually works? Feel free to throw your hands up in a celebratory fashion because with this stuff, your pits are protected.

  • 24-Hour protection.
  • 100% natural, zero toxins.
  • No aluminum or synthetic fragrance.
  • Lush, woody aroma upon application.