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Lemon Coco 9 oz. Candle

Vegan Candle Co.

Lemon Coco 9 oz. Candle

$ 26.00

Creamy, sweetly bright, and tropical, this candle is like a beach vacation in a jar--which is handy because beach vacations aren't really a thing right now (but this candle is a really close second, we promise.) Made right here in Seattle, Washington, Vegan Candle Co. pours its beautifully scented candles into these fully recyclable glass jars that can be re-used once the candle have burned through. These 9 oz. candles have an approximate 40 hour burn time.

  • Fragrances are non-toxic and blended with 100% pure essential oils
  • Top: lemon - Middle: coconut milk - Base: balsam, musk, vanilla
  • 100% non-gmo, fully vegan, natural soy wax grown in the US
  • 40 hour burn time
  • Biodegradable label (95% sugarcane and 5% hemp linen)
  • Recyclable lids are also made in the U.S.A.