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Our Sustainability Efforts

We take our role as a producer (and a consumer) seriously. Read on to find out how.


Example 1: The Seattle Pocket Tote

The Seattle Pocket Tote is a staple in our giftables collection. Made in the USA from all natural, unbleached canvas, we utilize the off-cuts from our bigger production lines to whip up a pocket and stitch it into the inside of the bag. All in all, it's a highly considered product in our offering, as all of our goods are. But what exactly do we mean by that? We're glad you asked.

  1. By starting with a tote made in America, we create less emissions from shipping than we might if they had come from overseas, not to mention our core commitment to supporting America's own economy and workers. This is not cost-effective; it is values-consistent.
  2. In 2015 alone, the global apparel and textile sector used 79 billion cubic metres of water, with an estimated 80%-90% returning to the environment untreated. Opting for an item constructed from fabric that is all-natural and unbleached means less chemicals + wastewater, while we simultaneously contribute to national market demand for sustainably made goods.
  3. No matter how small the pieces may be, finding a use for them is always better than not. Each year, America puts 21 billion pounds of textile waste directly into landfills. We're doing our best to contribute to that staggering number as little as possible.
  4. People do not keep things that do not serve their purpose. Totes are meant to transport our stuff from Point A to Point B. They are not meant to open a chasm in the time-space continuum where our keys go to never be seen again. We hope by adding this simple feature, you will finally find yourself content with a canvas tote, and therefore unmotivated to buy another.
  5. We use a local, woman-run, water-based screenprinting press, Ink Knife Press, to give our totes their final touch of Seattle pride. By supporting us, you're supporting all the other small, local businesses with which we collaborate.