Fall Picks: Wood & Faulk Carpenter Bag

Posted: Aug 31 2016

Here at Freeman, we're all about new takes on classic ideas. Subtle twists on time-tested designs often yield amazing results. Take the Carpenter Bag from Portland, Oregon's Wood & Faulk. One of the brand's first-ever products, it remains one of their most popular, and for good reason. 

The inspiration for the Carpenter Bag's design is the hinged-top, internal frame bags of the late 1800s and early 1900s. They open (and stay open) while sitting with ease due to the internal frame, making for ease of access to whatever's inside. And their rugged construction makes for a tough, dependable everyday carry. It's a classic bag design that has remained popular for years. Wood & Faulk's version is a modern, exemplary take on a classic. 

The Wood & Faulk Carpenter Bag features some choice updates on its classic design that make it perfect for today. It's made from heavy-duty waxed canvas that will repel water – perfect for the rainy Northwest, and a nice nod to this bag's Portland origins. Additionally, it features leather straps and bottom panel from Red Wing's SB Foot Tanning Co., the tannery that makes all of the leather for Red Wing's ultra-rugged boots (such as these). It features a single, roomy inner compartment with the modern addition of a laptop sleeve, making it the perfect work commuter or weekender bag. Modern, useful tweaks on a timeless design? We're all about it. 

The Wood & Faulk Carpenter Bag is available in two colors – North Coast Grey and Cascade Range Tan – and Freeman is proud to be the Wood & Faulk's exclusive Seattle stockist. 


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