Fall Picks: Shirts from Tellason

Posted: Sep 08 2016

Initially started as a denim brand in 2008, Tellason makes some of our favorite raw selvedge jeans in the world. Tellason has distinguished itself in the years since with its dedication to excellent domestic craftsmanship, top-of-the-line materials and excellent fits, and a keen sense for manufacturing wearable, everyday staples that'll last a long, long time. While they're still best known for their denim, Tellason's other offerings are just as awesome as their jeans. This fall, we've got a couple of their button-up shirts in stock, and they're some of the nicest we've ever seen.

The Clampdown Shirt in Salt & Pepper Selvedge takes its inspiration from an American classic – the cotton workshirt. Featuring two matching, mitered-corner chest pockets and a slim fit, the Clampdown tweaks the classic workshirt formula with a beautiful 7.5 oz. Japanese selvedge fabric that appears to be light grey from far away.

However, an up-close look reveals that it's in fact made from black and white yarns woven into a beautifully broken twill. The Clampdown looks great dressed up with your office chinos, or simply paired with a pair of raw denim jeans. With redline selvedge details at the gusset and on the inside of the pockets, it's a modern riff on a classic workshirt design. 

The next shirt from Tellason that we're offering this fall takes its cues not from workwear, but from a vintage dress shirt pattern. However, in keeping with their eye for design and innovative takes on classic ideas, the Tellason fellas built the W10 Japanese Flannel Shirt from an ultra-soft, medium-weight Japanese flannel featuring a beautiful yellow, brown, white and red plaid pattern.

They've essentially taken a non-workwear shirt pattern and made it out of a sturdy, rugged (but still comfortable and oh-so-soft), workwear-appropriate flannel. Like the Clampdown, the W10 Japanese Flannel Shirt looks just as good at the office or at the office happy hour at the bar down the street. 

Both the Clampdown Shirt and W10 Japanese Plaid Flannel Shirt are available here at Freeman, online or in-store at our Seattle shop (and they both ship free!). Try one out today! 



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