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Fall Picks: Backcountry by Juniper Ridge

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A perrennial, year-round favorite here at Freeman, the wildcrafted fragrances from Oakland's Juniper Ridge are undoubtedly unique. Owner Hall Newbegin and his gang of backpackers/mad scientists scour the wilderness of the western United States for natural, sustainable sources, harvesting pine needles, lichen, moss, and tons of other natural ingredients for their Backpackers' Cologne, Cabin Spray, Trail Soap, and Campfire Incense. We've stocked Juniper Ridge since our first day open, and we use it every day. It's that good. So we're extremely stoked to offer up their new Backcountry line – a simpler, more affordable group of products for everyday use at almost half the price of their more complex core line of products.

As Juniper Ridge has worked with the US Forest Service over the years to sustainably harvest their ingredients, they've learned that certain ingredients benefit from increased periodic harvesting to decrease their susceptibility to wildfires. This bounty is what Juniper Ridge puts into the simpler, more affordable Backcountry collection. Juniper Ridge's flagship products use lots and lots of aromatic ingredients – for example, the Big Sur Trail Soap features around 30, such as tree sap, wild-harvested mushroom extractions, wild sage infusions and aromatic oils. It's a beautiful, complex scent that the Juniper Ridge crew concocted to capture a specific time and place in the coastal Californian wilderness.

By contrast, their new Backcountry White Sage Body Wash contains just one aromatic element: white sage. So while its aromatic profile is much simpler than other Juniper Ridge products, it still smells amazing, and it's much more affordable. White Sage is available as both a Body Wash and Room Spray, and at such a low price, it's great for everyday use. I use the Body Wash as hand soap at home, and I love it. 

The other new scent in the Backcountry line is Cascade Forest, also available as a Body Wash and Room Spray. It has a pure, beautiful fir scent, since it's single aromatic ingredient is essential oils from fir trees. Juniper Ridge works with Hall Newbegin's family to harvest fir trees from their timber land up here in the Pacific Northwest, near Mt. Hood. By harvesting branches from the bottom of the fir trees, Juniper Ridge is able to use the incredible aromatics of Cascadian fir trees, and the trees can continue to grow. 

If you're a Juniper Ridge addict (like we are) and want something a little more affordable that you can use every day, give the new Backcountry line a try. 

All photos courtesy Juniper Ridge

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