Behind the Brand: Corridor

Posted: May 16 2017

A newer addition to the Freeman family of brands, Corridor has nevertheless quickly evolved into a key part of our offerings here at the store. Their beautiful shirts are expertly cut with a fit so tailored, you'd think they were cut just for you – and as you'll find out below, founder Dan Snyder got into the apparel game as a tailor. With an enduring focus on unique, interesting fabrics of the highest quality, as well as an emphasis on a garment's wearability, Corridor crafts classic, timeless clothing that we're proud to stock at Freeman. 

Corridor founder and designer Dan Snyder took some time out of his day to answer a few questions about the history of Corridor, its philosophy, and where he sees his brand headed in the future. Thanks Dan!

How did you find yourself getting involved in making apparel and starting Corridor? What drew you to it? What keeps you involved?

It's a long story but I will try to be concise. I was a contractor for the FBI with a lot of bad suits. I had them tailored and I loved the process and made friends with my tailor which led me to go to tailoring night school. I practiced a lot and eventually moved to shirt making which I did for years for myself and friends and family. My requests grew and I started to make them for stores and after a long time my hobby became my business. What drew me to it and what keeps me going is that I love to make clothes and I really love clothes. I am really attracted to color, texture and tailoring - and I focus on them everyday to try to make beautiful clothes.

What's the philosophy or concept behind what you do at Corridor? Is there a guiding principle in what you try to do with each piece?

My mission is create clothing with fit quality and character.

Fit - I want my clothes to fit great, and really for an American body type that has room in the shoulders and a tapered waist.

Quality - I will only use the best materials and good value materials. I am diligent about sourcing and will only use what I believe to be the best.

Character - I want to make clothes with integrity, and clothes where each piece feels unique.

What was the biggest hurdle in starting your company? Making your first product?

I had no experience, funding, or network. I had to learn it all from scratch. So I made mistakes along the way but it also taught me a huge amount in a short amount of time.

In your eyes, what makes Corridor stand out in a crowded marketplace?

I like to call it New American Sportwear - we make contemporary clothing that is interesting but accessible at a fair price point.

What do you enjoy most about Corridor? What are you looking forward to with the brand?

I really enjoy sharing a lifestyle vision through clothing which I think is true to many customers - an urbanite who is interested in culture, music, art, movies - and how does clothing play a role in this life? I'm looking forward to expanding to other categories such as footwear and more interesting trousers, but really, I think I'm mostly a shirtmaker at heart and every season I love to design new shirts that hopefully people will like too.

Take an even deeper look into Corridor with this video courtesy of Investopedia.

All photos courtesy of Corridor.


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