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Scott's Spring Picks

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Hey folks, we find ourselves in at an undeniably optimistic time of year.  The time when we either dig ourselves out from the last snow or as in the case of those of us in the northwest, we start to see glimmers of green and blue as the grey of winter starts to break. It makes me feel great and here's some other things that make me feel great.


LEFT FIELD - 10oz deadstock Chelsea's

If you find yourself struggling to cast off your jeans in favor of a lighter option for the warmer months, then struggle no more:  these unique and handsome jeans from Left Field have you covered.  

The fabric is a 10oz deadstock Japanese denim that has a lot of character and the indigo color is a richer blue than your average raw denim.  It still pairs nicely with just about anything you throw at it but it just seems to liven up any wardrobe choices for the given day - a nice way to get in that spring'ish vibe.   The tonal stitching throughout also helps bring these into their own category. 

If you aren't a chino kind of person, but want to spice things up just a bit, this is your ticket.  As with most Left Field denim, we'd recommend going one size above what you normally wear.  This will keep you comfy and looking good while you are crushing it on the croquet field.


FREEMAN - Channel Jacket in Tan

We know not everyone needs a rain jacket.  We get it.  In light of this, we thought to ourselves: how can we take a complimentary silhouette and throw our uniquely NW spin on it?  The answer is the Channel Jacket.   We chose the classic 60/40 (cotton/nylon) fabric made famous in the heyday of mountaineering gear and applied it to this classic, very spring appropriate style.  This fabric has a great weight and also is up to the task of repelling water when you inevitably find yourself in a drizzle.

We also took notes from the tailoring of our Freeman raincoat, and incorporated them into the Channel Jacket ensuring this wouldn't have the billowy effect often seen in ribbed hem jackets.  Lastly, with the the help of the fine folks at YKK, we finished all closures with heavy duty post-buttons further giving the Channel Jacket some distinctly rugged, NW inspired finishes.   

The Channel Jacket is great for this time of year when the weather shifts rapidly.  Heavy enough to knock down a wind or light rain, yet light enough to be ready for those sunbreaks we all hold our breath for.



 AMERICAN TRENCH - Waffle Knit Sock in Superfine Merino

I love wool socks.  It must have to do with having wet feet all the time when I was a kid and wool took care of me, wet feet or not. I've learned that a good pair of boots now takes care of the water issue, but still love me some wool socks.  I will acknowledge that thicker wool socks aren't always appropriate when the season gets warmer, so lucky for me (and you), our good friends at American Trench put together this great sock still giving me the wool I love, just in a slimmer package.  They even tossed in some fun colorways to say: "Hey Spring, lets do this!" 




REDWINGS - Chukka in Copper Rough & Tough

Speaking of keeping those feet dry... I close out my Spring picks with this fine boot from Redwing.  I have had 2 pairs and have loved every minute of our time together.  A much lighter, and more nimble Redwing, this is a great spring boot.  While I love the heavy duty, ready-for-anything Moc Toe, in my mind it just seems to say "humbug" to Spring, but the Chukka seems to emit both a practical and lighthearted sensibility as we ready ourselves for the onslaught of Vitamin D.  

This Chukka comes in a Copper Rough&Tough leather that starts out exceedingly handsome and only improves with time.  The Rough & Tough more quickly picks up that "loved" look that is so desirable.    You just can't go wrong with these.


I must say, this "spring picks" teams up to make one smart lookin outfit. Toss in our new February Flannel and your are set.  Also, stay tuned as we are gonna be receiving a bunch of great new stuff very shortly from Battenwear, Alex Crane and Topo designs.






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