Deep Dive: Pomade at Freeman

Posted: Jan 12 2016

Clearly, we take the things that we wear very seriously here at Freeman. However, just as important are the products that we use on our body. Your skin, your hair, your face – they all deserve the best as well, which is why we've always done our best to stock the finest made-in-USA grooming products on the market. Today, we'll take a look at the hair pomades that we stock at Freeman, so you can get a better idea of the right type of product to keep that mop up top looking fresh.

Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade

Imperial crafts its barbershop-grade hair care products in Los Angeles, using the best quality ingredients and never testing on animals. Their pomades are well-known for their durability, ease of use and great results. All of Imperial's pomades are water-based, which means they rinse out easily (as opposed to old-school petroleum-based pomades that would leave a grease stain on your pillow). Additionally, they're  "water reactivatable," which means that if you roll out of bed with yesterday's pomade still in your hair, just get your hands wet and run your fingers through your hair, and the pomade will "re-activate" and you can style your hair anew. Imperial's Classic Pomade is a medium-shine, high hold product that works best for tight, classic styles like a side part, pompadour or slicked-back look. It applies lightly, so you won't get that heavy, stiff "helmet head" look that other high-hold pomades or gels might give you.

Imperial Barber Products Fiber Pomade

Like the Classic Pomade, Imperial's Fiber Pomade is water-based and water reactivatable, so you get the easy rinse-out and ability to splash a bit of water on your fingers, run 'em through your do, and step out the door. Awesome. However, the Fiber Pomade features longer fibers and a more pliable texture that lends itself better to more casual, slightly messier hairstyles. Imperial recommends it for motorcyclists and bicyclists, since it can be easily restyled after popping off your helmet. Personally, I have super-thick hair that doesn't respond as well to the Classic Pomade, and the Fiber Pomade is perfect for slicking it back and keeping it out of my face. If you're in the same boat, the Fiber Pomade is highly recommended.

Railcar Fine Goods Supreme Hold Pomade

Though best known for their denim and other apparel, Monrovia, Calif.,'s Railcar Fine Goods also happens to make an exceptionally popular pomade available in both Regular and Supreme hold levels. We have the Supreme Hold here at Freeman, and we think it's a winner. Like the Imperial Classic Pomade, it's best for cleaner, more tightly-styled cuts like side parts and pompadours. Also like the Imperial products, it's water based, so it'll rinse out easily. Unlike the Imperial products, it's a really cool purple/maroon color! It also features a really nice floral scent that's a cool alternative to the more medicinal scents of other pomades on the market. As the name would imply, it offers a high level of hold, as well as a medium amount of shine, and rinses out easily. We've always been impressed with the level of craftsmanship Steven Dang, Railcar's founder and main man, brings to his apparel, and the pomade is no different. Highly recommended not just by us, but by pomade enthusiasts across the Internet.


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