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While our store remains closed for regular hours, we are happy to offer Curbside Pickup Tuesdays-Saturdays 10-2 While our store remains closed for regular hours, we are happy to offer Curbside Pickup Tuesdays-Saturdays 10-2
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Saturday, Nov. 7th - Meet the Makers - Crescent Down Works Edition

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As a company that crafts clasically-styled outerwear in Seattle, Freeman is in rare company. There aren't many brands that can stake a claim to manufacturing weather-ready outerwear exclusively in America, let alone right here in Seattle. Of this rare bunch, one brand stands out, having set the bar high for outerwear since before many of us were born: Crescent Down Works.

Crescent Down Works has made beautiful goose down vests, jackets and other outerwear since 1974, never wavering in their dedication to making the best possible product right here in Seattle. While their contemporaries shifted production overseas, Crescent Down Works stayed true to their roots and continued to manufacture domestically, using the best raw materials available. We hold them in very high regard, and have proudly collaborated with Crescent and carried their products since our store opened. Now, we're very excited to bring the Crescent Down Works team to our store to coincide with the launch of a brand-new collaborative piece: the Diagonal Quilt Jacket in three new colors. 

On Saturday, November 7, from 5 to 8 p.m., a few of our friends from the crew at Crescent Down Works will be at Freeman for a
happy hour meet-and-greet event. They'll be able to answer any questions you might have about the company's 40-plus years of Seattle manufacturing, as well as what makes Crescent's products so special and unique. In addition to being your first chance to claim one of these limited-edition jackets, this event will give you the rare opportunity to meet the actual folks who had a hands-on role in their production. Think of it like a farmer's market, but for the world's greatest down jackets. 

We'll provide drinks and snacks, plus as a thank you for attendees we'll have our first-ever Pre-Holiday Sale going! For Saturday evening only, we will mark down a wide array of products that we think would make great gift ideas. It'll be a great opportunity to get some gifts for loved ones and save yourself some stress (not to mention money!) once the shopping season really gets underway. 

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