New at Freeman: Dehen 1920 Varsity Crewneck Wool Sweater

Posted: Oct 26 2015

Dehen 1920 is a family-owned knitting mill founded in 1920 in Portland, OR by William Dehen. Still run by the Dehen family, this knitting mill has remained in business for nearly a century, shifting their business with the tides of consumer trends but never sacrificing quality. In their own words, "Today, well into its third generation, the Dehen family is still committed to the tradition of manufacturing distinctive apparel, using time honored methods and the highest quality materials.  Dehen has survived market crashes, world wars and fashion fads, and continues to provide both brands and consumers with quality product, honestly made." That final statement speaks to us directly at Freeman, as we are all about high-quality, honestly-made garments. It's what we look for when we look for items to fill our store with, and its what we look for as customers when we are purchasing clothes for ourselves, and it's why we started our company (more about that here).

So that all brings us to this beautiful Varsity Crewneck Wool Sweater by Dehen 1920. William Dehen first built his business by knitting unique heavyweight wool sweaters that withstood the test of time. This is one of those sweaters and we are proud to carry it at our store.

Knit in Portland using vintage machines, this sweater is made with 100% worsted wool using time-honored methods of constructing knitwear. The cuffs and hem are built using the same knit as the body of the sweater, giving the sweater a unique, vintage look. It also has a unique thick knit collar binding and a high neckline. This is the type of sweater you will hold on to for a long long time, and might even pass on to your grandchildren. 

The raglan sleeves are attached with a flatlock stitch, resulting in non-bulky sleeve joints.


In an age when clothing is approached more and more as a consumable, throwaway commodity and is often made using slave labor and poor materials, designed to fall apart after several wears, it is refreshing to us that there are still companies around like Dehen 1920, dedicated to preserving their craft and doing something right. These are the companies that are making garments that will stand the test of time.



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